My Properties

You can add, view and delete your properties here. Through ‘Add Assessment’ you can add Properties to your account and through ‘Property List’ you can view your properties and you also can delete a property through ‘Delete Property’ option.

Property List | Add Assessment | Delete Properties

My Tax

You can know the tax for your properties by using ‘Tax Calculator’ option. By clicking ‘Tax Calculator’ option and by providing necessary inputs, you can view the tax/ charges applicable to your property.

Tax Calculator | VLT Taxcalculator

Make Payment

You can make the payment for your taxes here. Click ‘Make Payment’ option in order to make the payment of your taxes such as Property Tax, Water Supply, Under Ground Drainage and Profession Tax.

Water Supply | Professional Tax | Non Tax

My Grievances

You can register your complaints and view the status of the complaint here. Click the option ‘Registration’ to register a complaint and ‘Status’ option to check the status of your complaint.

Registration | Status

My Request

You can raise your requests for various services and can also check the status of those request here. Click ‘Service Request’ for raising a Service Request for a service and click ‘Status’ to know the status of your raised requests.

Service Request | My Requests

My Profile

Use ‘My Profile’ option, to view and update your personal information, change the password and to change your photo.

Personal Info | Change Photo |Change Password